Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)

Sang Tao Nº1 (340g)

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The Robusta coffee variety is a worldwide success, but it is the Vietnamese coffee experts who have managed to perfect this variety. Another creation of Trung Nguyen who created the best gourmet Robusta in the world.

Sang Tao is a full-bodied coffee with a very intense and recognisable aroma. Its flavour offers a hint of chocolate, a consequence of its long maturation process. 

Culi Robusta coffee has around 40% more caffeine than any other type of Arabica, making it the perfect choice for an energy boost.

A drink for those who enjoy strong coffees, to which cream and sugar can be added, because neither its flavour nor its aroma are masked. An excellent choice for those coffees that make it easier to get on with the day.

340 gr
≥ 2%
≤ 5%
Tipo de café
Culi Robusta

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