Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)
Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)

Sang Tao Nº 5 (340g)

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Sang Tao 5 is one of the best varieties in the range created by Trung Nguyen. It is made from the finest single and undivided Culi Arabica beans, with a unique touch thanks to roasting with the most advanced technology. 

It has a typical oval rather than flattened shape that allows for a more homogeneous roast and produces a flavour with lighter tones and a lighter body. This bean is grown at high altitude, which makes its flavour intense, complex and slightly acidic. This gourmet touch leaves every coffee lover in awe and creates a flavour that lingers on the palate. 

For those looking for the highest possible intensity, it is recommended to prepare it with an espresso machine. Its flavour and aroma are maintained when using drip machines and Phin filters. 

340 gr
≤ 2%
≤ 5%
Tipo de café
Culi Robusta

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